icetools – command-line interface to icecast directories, current version 0.1.1 (29 March 2012)

Sources: current, openbsd port (archives)


icetools is a set of tools accessing data from icecast directories, defauling to the main icecast server. I wrote it to look up streams by genre without needing a browser.

Note: I only found out after writing this that the official icecast directory is limited to 1000 streams.


icetools is in ISO C99. It internally uses ftp(1) to fetch data, expat(3) to parse XML input, and column(1) to format output. It invokes xmms(1) to play streams. These work fine on BSD UNIX machines. I haven't tested on lesser systems.


These manuals are generated automatically and refer to the current release. They are the authoritative documentation for the icetools system.

icetools-find(1) find and play icecast streams
icetools-ls(1) list genres in icecast directory


Contact me, Kristaps, with questions and so on.


29-03-2012: version 0.1.3

Added -l to icetools-find(1) to show more detailed listings. Added OpenBSD port to make my life easier.

Copyright © 2012 Kristaps Dzonsons, $Date: 2012/03/29 07:40:50 $