kcaldav.confkcaldav collection configuration


The kcaldav.conf configuration, which is always named kcaldav.conf, defines properties for a CalDAV collection. It must be exist and be well-formed for each collection (file-system directory), else that collection is not considered by kcaldav(8). An empty file is perfectly valid, although without at least one privilege defined, useless.
The configuration file is line-based, with blank lines discarded. See fparseln(3) for implementation details. At any point in the line you may begin a comment with the “#” character: the remainder of the line will be thrown away. You may escape the comment token with a backslash. Line endings may also be escaped with a backslash.
Each line consists of a token and value separated by an equal sign (and possibly white-space), such as
privilege = kristaps ALL 
displayname = Kristaps' Calendar
Trailing and leading line white-space are discarded.
The following configuration tokens are accepted:
The colour to be used when displaying calendar resources. It must be either an RGB or RGBA string in the usual #rrggbbaa format (remember to escape the “#” character). This defaults to red. It is only used by some clients, e.g., iCal.
This is the collection's natural-language name. It may be in UTF-8. It defaults to an empty string.
Define access privileges for a named principal. This accepts the principal name then a space-separated list of privileges. Privileges are case insensitive and may be “NONE”, “READ”, “DELETE”, or “WRITE.” If at any time “NONE” occurs, or the set of privileges is empty, the principal is assigned no privileges. You may use the “ALL” token to assign all privileges.
This file may not be a symbolic link.


fparseln(3), kcaldav(8)