KSQL_ALLOC(3) Library Functions Manual KSQL_ALLOC(3)

allocate a ksql database handle

library “ksql”

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <ksql.h>
struct ksql *
ksql_alloc(const struct ksqlcfg *cfg);

This function will soon be deprecated. See ksql_alloc_child(3) for the replacement.
The ksql_alloc function creates a SQLite database handle. This must be matched by a call to ksql_free(3) unless KSQL_SAFE_EXIT is specified, in which case it will be freed on exit. (It is still good practice to manually free.) It is usually followed by ksql_open(3). The database is opened within the calling process. For a split-process model, see ksql_alloc_child(3).
If cfg is NULL, a configuration from ksql_cfg_defaults(3) is used.

This returns the allocated database handle or NULL if memory allocations failed.

ksql_alloc_child(3), ksql_cfg_defaults(3), ksql_free(3)
May 9, 2018 OpenBSD 6.4