LOWDOWN_HTML_RNDR(3) Library Functions Manual LOWDOWN_HTML_RNDR(3)

lowdown_html_rndrrender Markdown into HTML

library “liblowdown”

#include <sys/queue.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <lowdown.h>

lowdown_html_rndr(struct lowdown_buf *out, struct lowdown_metaq *mq, void *arg, const struct lowdown_node *n);

Renders a node tree n created by lowdown_doc_parse(3) or lowdown_diff(3) using the HTML renderer arg as returned by lowdown_html_new(3). The output is written into out, which must be initialised and freed by the caller.

If mq is not NULL, it is filled with any metadata as parsed. It must be initialised and its contents freed with lowdown_metaq_free(3).

The output consists of a UTF-8 HTML5 document.

Returns zero on failure to allocate memory, non-zero on success.

The following assumes the the string buf of length bsz consists of Markdown content.

struct lowdown_buf *out;
struct lowdown_doc *doc;
struct lowdown_node *n;
void *rndr;

if ((doc = lowdown_doc_new(NULL)) == NULL)
  err(1, NULL);
if ((n = lowdown_doc_parse(doc, NULL, buf, bsz)) == NULL)
  err(1, NULL);
if ((out = lowdown_buf_new(256)) == NULL)
  err(1, NULL);
if ((rndr = lowdown_html_new(NULL)) == NULL)
  err(1, NULL);
if (!lowdown_html_rndr(out, NULL, rndr, n))
  err(1, NULL);

fwrite(out->data, 1, out->size, stdout);


lowdown(3), lowdown_html_free(3), lowdown_html_new(3)

The referenced HTML5 standard is HTML5.2. Output is compatible with prior HTML5 standards.

February 8, 2021 OpenBSD 6.7