LOWDOWN_TREE_RNDR(3) Library Functions Manual LOWDOWN_TREE_RNDR(3)

lowdown_tree_rndrrender Markdown into debugging output

library “liblowdown”

#include <sys/queue.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <lowdown.h>

lowdown_tree_rndr(struct lowdown_buf *out, const struct lowdown_node *n);

Renders a node tree n created by lowdown_doc_parse(3) or lowdown_diff(3). The output is written into out, which must be initialised and freed by the caller.

The output consists of an UTF-8 tree. The format is not standardised and subject to change.

Unlike other renderers, () accepts no options and thus has no context.

Returns zero on failure to allocate memory, non-zero on success.

The following assumes the the string buf of length bsz consists of Markdown content.

struct lowdown_buf *out;
struct lowdown_doc *doc;
struct lowdown_node *n;
void *rndr;

if ((doc = lowdown_doc_new(NULL)) == NULL)
  err(1, NULL);
if ((n = lowdown_doc_parse(doc, NULL, buf, bsz)) == NULL)
  err(1, NULL);
if ((out = lowdown_buf_new(256)) == NULL)
  err(1, NULL);
if (!lowdown_tree_rndr(out, n))
  err(1, NULL);

fwrite(out->data, 1, out->size, stdout);



February 1, 2021 OpenBSD 6.7