How should one write articles?

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Kristaps Dzonsons

Articles are fragments or full XML documents (usually HTML5). The simplest article is structured as follows:

<article data-sblg-article="1"> <header> <h1>Title</h1> <address>Kristaps Dzonsons</address> <time datetime="2013-01-01">1 January, 2013</time> </header> <aside> The article's <b>summary</b> </aside> <code>Mu.</code> </article>

An article is any <article data-sblg-article="1"> Boolean attribute. The article publication time is parsed from the first <time datetime=""> first <header>. The title is parsed from the first <hn> tag (where n = 1–4), as is the author from the <address> tag. These are used to order articles on the main page and title the article page. Both of these are optional — the system will default to Untitled article, Unknown author, and the file's ctime, if no information is otherwise provided. Furthermore, the first <aside> is used for the Atom summary.

Articles are linked into a front page as follows (and omitting the surrounding HTML stuff):

<body> <nav data-sblg-nav="1" data-sblg-navsz="1" /> <article data-sblg-article="1" /> <article data-sblg-article="1" /> </body>

Here, the <article> is replaced by ordered article data, with a little permanent link thing following. The <nav> is replaced by newest-first blog posting history. The rest is up to you. The sblg(1) manual contains all the details.