sblg – static blog utility

v0.5.3, 2019-08-16

This is an example of an individual article. It consists of a template (article.xml) merged with article contents.

Using Markdown

You can also use markdown for your articles by using lowdown (or really any translator).

Markdown support isn’t internal to sblg(1). However, you can easily use it by translating the Markdown text into XHTML and wrapping it with the appropriate <article data-sblg-article="1"> bits.

    ( echo "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\" ?>" ; \
      echo "<article data-sblg-article=\"1\">" ; \
      lowdown $< ; \
      echo "</article>" ; ) >$@

I use lowdown because I wrote it (modernised fork of hoedown) and because it has some additional support for sblg(1) like annotating the first paragraph with an <aside>.

You can see this file in its original form as Enjoy!