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Version 0.4.24, 2019-05-13

This is an example of an individual article. It consists of a template (article.xml) merged with article contents.

What about feeds?

Posted by
Kristaps Dzonsons

sblg will generate Atom feeds when given the -a flag. Its behaviour follows sblg(1)'s description of blog amalgamation mode. All you need to do is provide an Atom template; the <entry>, <updated>, and <id> (the <id> field must occur after the <link>) fields will be automatically filled in.

This site has a dummy atom.xml for each of this page's articles.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <feed xmlns=""> <title>sblg Example Feed</title> <link href="" rel="self" /> <link href="" /> <id data-sblg-id="1" /> <updated data-sblg-updated="1" /> <entry data-sblg-entry="1" /> <entry data-sblg-entry="1" /> <entry data-sblg-entry="1" /> </feed>

Filled-in entries consist of <title>, <id>, <updated>, <author>, and alternate <link> elements. If specified in the original article, a <content> element will consist of an HTML article summary, or the full article if so specified. See the sblg(1) manual for details.

Remember to link to the feed in your blog template or article template file!