SLANT-COLLECTD(8) System Manager's Manual SLANT-COLLECTD(8)

daemon to collect system statistics

slant-collectd [-nv] [-d discs] [-f dbfile] [-p procs]

The slant-collectd utility collects system statistics and records them in dbfile, which defaults to /var/www/data/slant.db. Its arguments are as follows:
Do not open the database: collect data only.
Print collected data as a table to standard output.
Discs to monitor. Multiple discs may be separated by a comma. By default, all discs are monitored.
Processes to monitor. Multiple processes may be separated by a comma. Processes should be listed by their executable name, e.g., httpd instead of /usr/sbin/httpd.
The SQLite database file.

To end collection, kill the process with SIGINT or SIGTERM, which will gracefully end the collection sequence.

On a system with software RAID (or software FDE), monitor only the root disc to prevent bandwidth duplication.
# slant-collectd -d sd0

To additionally monitor CGI and login facilities:

# slant-collectd -d sd0 -p slowcgi,httpd,sshd
October 12, 2018 OpenBSD 6.5