SQLBOX_PING(3) Library Functions Manual SQLBOX_PING(3)

sqlbox_pingtest whether sqlbox context is active

library “sqlbox”

#include <stdint.h>
#include <sqlbox.h>

sqlbox_ping(struct sqlbox *box);

Tests whether box is active. This is useful for checking whether operations that do not report an error (e.g., sqlbox_finalise(3)) have failed before the next operation of interest.

Returns non-zero on success or zero if communication with box fails.

If sqlbox_ping() fails, box is no longer accessible beyond sqlbox_ping() and sqlbox_free(3).

To check whether sqlbox_close(3) failed:

struct sqlbox *p;
struct sqlbox_src srcs[] = {
  { .fname = (char *)":memory:",
    .mode = SQLBOX_SRC_RWC },
struct sqlbox_cfg cfg;
size_t id;

memset(&cfg, 0, sizeof(struct sqlbox_cfg));
cfg.msg.func_short = warnx;
cfg.srcs.srcsz = 1;
cfg.srcs.srcs = srcs;

if ((p = sqlbox_alloc(&cfg)) == NULL)
  errx(EXIT_FAILURE, "sqlbox_alloc");
if (!(id = sqlbox_open(p, 0)))
  errx(EXIT_FAILURE, "sqlbox_open");
if (!sqlbox_close(p, id))
  errx(EXIT_FAILURE, "sqlbox_close");
if (!sqlbox_ping(p))
  errx(EXIT_FAILURE, "sqlbox_ping");

/* Success! Do other stuff... */

December 2, 2023 OpenBSD 7.4