Not Awful UW Photography

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Diving is like photography in that it's a black hole for money. Here's how I'd like to augment the gravity well in no particular order. If you'd like to help, anything on this list is fair game.

My goal is to dive with both macro and wide-angle full-frame video-capable rigs. (Yes, two cameras!) This, while a bit of a logistical challenge, will allow me the freedom to shoot several ways on long dives. This, I've noticed, is the norm rather than the exception.

I'll probably start with another Nikon (e.g., the D7200), which will let me shoot wide-angle with my main housing and macro with the backup (D5300). Then I'd move to a Sony for wide-angle (e.g., the A7 III) with the same macro backup (D5300). Finally, a Sony for both wide-angle and macro. The last will require another housing as well.

underwater photography

inon z-330 underwater strobe
cost: €650

I currently shoot with a pair of YS-01, but the output of these strobes—not to mention their predilection not to fire from time to time—has been grating on me. It's time for an upgrade. I'm leaning toward these strobes because of their even light output and power.

One is a good start, but two is the goal.

anglerfish remote trigger v3
cost: €250

Remote strobe trigger! This is totally necessary for creative lighting in, say, shipwrecks. Or snoot photography, which (I'm finding) is a nightmare otherwise.

double macro support
cost: €190

Right now I either dive with a macro lens alone, but I'd like the ability to switch magnification with a two-wet-lens holder.

easy proview 45
cost: €890

Until moving into Sony-land, I'll be shooting with the Nikon OVF (optical view-finder). While I'm now used to smooshing the camera up against my goggles to focus, it's uncomfortable—especially for macro. This lets me frame shots easier.

Although to be honest, it's probably cheaper to put this money toward the Sony with their better EVF (electronic viewfinder).


nikon af-s micro 60mm f2.8g ed
cost: €600

I have the 105 mm for full macro, but sometimes I want to switch between fish photos and macro. (This is where the double macro support, above, comes into play.)

nikon af-s 14–24mm f/2.8g if-ed
cost: €750

I currently shoot wide-angle with a 10–20 Nikon AF-P. It's great, but quite slow. The 14–24 is significantly faster and an incredibly high-quality lens.

nikon d7200
cost: €600

While I'd like to move over primarily to the Sony line, I still have a lot of existing lenses for Nikon. I would use this camera as a transition between the D5300 I have and the Sony.

sony a7 iii
cost: €1 500

The next camera in the mix: full-frame and back to mirrorless! I'd like to slowly upgrade into this Sony full-frame model, keeping the Nikons as a backup. My reasoning is largely the performance of Sony for autofocus and video.

The choice of the A7 III is one of cost: I'd obviously prefer a newer one, e.g., the A9. (Except for the A7R III, which has a poor autofocus record.)

sony 12–24 f/4
cost: €1 500

It's popular these days to shoot fish-eye wide-angle, but I simply don't like the effect. I prefer wide-angle to be rectilinear. Although a beast in size, this lens will work perfectly with my existing dome setup. Perfect for video and stills.

sony 90 f/2.8 macro
cost: €1 000

This is a reasonable equivalent to the Nikon 105 mm I've grown used to, though clocking in at twice the price!

With this, the flat port above, and one of the Sony bodies, I'd be able to shoot macro video as well as stills.


apeks tek 3 twinset regulator set
cost: €900

I've used these a few times and love them. But not enough to warrant the price—I generally just rent regulators and don't think about it. What I like about these regulators is that most ordinary twinset-mounted first stages bang my head when I'm in proper trim. The width between these is much more comfortable.

(Cost is cheaper if purchased directly through DiveWise.)

steel backplate and wing
cost: €300

I currently use a monster 6 mm stainless steel backplate. I don't even know why—it was just there one day. I'd rather use a smaller 3 kg backplate, as the 6 kg is too heavy even with full thermal protection.

All DIR steel backplates are basically the same (Apeks, Halcyon, Hollis, DiveRite), though. They're all roughly the same price.

(Cost is probably cheaper if purchased directly through DiveWise.)