Not Awful UW Photography

A wishlist of delights for UW photography.
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Diving is like photography in that it's a black hole for money. Here's how I'd like to augment the gravity well in no particular order. If you'd like to help, let me know!

aoi qrs twin quick-release caddy for arm, bayonet fitting for m67 macro lenses

Usually there's a choice: use the wide-angle lens or use the macro lens. I'd like to have both available. Right now this isn't possible because the macro lens screws in and I have the bayonet wide-angle. (I wouldn't want to screw in and out both lenses!) With this, I'd stick it on an arm off the cold-shoe mount and just swap.

Approximate cost: €200.

uwl-09 pro wide angle lens

I currently dive with the regular UWL-09. I love it! However, the acrylic dome scratches rather easily, so at some point I'll need to replace the lens due to its many little nicks and cuts. I'm eyeing the UWL-09 PRO because it has glass elements. I'd just get another UWL-09 (non-pro), but the cost difference is worth it for better optics and longer-lasting.

Approximate cost: €1100.

ball mount adapter for 1/4" inch tripod screw

I'd like to mount lights on tripods underwater. However, tripods have a 1/4" inch screw and most underwater gear sits on ball mounts. I'd like a handful of ball mount adapters, maybe three. This way I can set video lights before taking shots.

Approximate cost: €25 each.

underwater light tripods

Some POS (piece of shit)small (<1/3 metre) tripods for strategic light sources. Must screw into the ball mount adapters noted above.

Approximate cost: <€50 each.

underwater camera tripod

I'm not sure how to do this best. I think one can just mount a POS (though non-corroding) tripod into one of the 1/4" inch screw beds on the bottom of my Nauticam Flexitray. But I'm not sure if the screws on the tray will get in the way. Doesn't need more than a metre of leg.

Approximate cost: <€100.

eurocylinder 12l 232 bar twinset with manifold and bands

I always rent cylinders, but the more I dive, the more I understand what works and what doesn't. At my local dive shop, I usually end up with a Faber twinset. The Fabers are slightly shorter and heavier, and throw off my trim just enough to cause problems. I strongly prefer the Euros, but they're just not always available.

Approximate cost: €600.

apeks tek 3 twinset regulator set

I've used these a few times and love them. But not enough to warrant the price—I generally just rent regulators and don't think about it. What I like about these regulators is that most ordinary twinset-mounted first stages bang my head when I'm in proper trim. The width between these is much more comfortable.

Approximate cost: €1200.