simple off-line blog utility
Version 0.2.1, Source RSS

The sblg utility is an offline blog utility for UNIX (right now, only BSD). You write your articles as standalone XML files and sblg(1) knits them together. No run-time interpreter, no format pseudo-language, no complex toolchain. Just a simple, standalone utility that

Want simplified HTML markup, in-line LaTeX editing, smartphone auto-templating, or modules? Neither do we. sblg is simple and for people who can already write proper HTML5, configure a Makefile, and install into some sort of static htdocs directory. Its only compile-time dependency is libexpat, which is bundled on most UNIX operating systems, and is otherwise ISO C under the open-source ISC license. To deploy, download the sources, make install into the PREFIX of your choice, and get to work.

sblg is usually used to knit HTML5 articles into amalgamated blog feeeds. It's used in this very page for the versions, above, and the following how-to documents.