agitated whales

Conditions: foggycold (5° C)

agitated whales

Woke to another morning serenade, if slightly restrained from the day before.

Took a rowboat out into the morning fog to see if the whales would engage. They did! Several fly-bys and spending time in the midst of socialising whales.


Tufted puffin.

Whale approaching.

Whale approaching.

The whales generally approached in pairs or triplets, then either drift by or dive shallowly beneath the boat. Then surface on the other side and mill about for a while.

Camp from shoreline.

Some time before lunch, orcas spotted in the distance.

Soon following, one bowhead spent thirty or so minutes tail-slapping, echoed by at least one another.

Agla in front of fin slap.

Fin slapping.

Fin slapping.

The whales immediately subsided in social behaviour. It’s still a mystery why, but related to either (or both being connected) the tail-slapping and orca.

Spent the afternoon hiking the harbour rock-fall shore. Studied how the bowheads came into small inlets and bays shallow to a point where they had to roll to turn around.

Young photographer.

Suspiciously happy bearded seal.

Curious rock formations.

Face in the rock?

Had an evening lecture on orcas.

Cold night promised—bundle up!