fogged in (and out)

Conditions: foggy (12° C)

fogged in (and out)

Night of whale-respiration serenade. One in particular with such a raspy voice I thought one of the island’s elusive tigers might be about.

Then those with a guttering out after a breath.

Woke early and opened my tent to a wall of fog. Back to sleep. Woke up again, more fog.

Shoreline is invisible.

Companion in the fog.

There is a boat in this picture.

Confused bird.

After lunch, longer walk along the rock face. Shoreline is effectively fallen boulders. Requires some scrambling and a lack of good sense.


Don’t look down…

Such fashion.

Views of fog coming and going were worth it.

Path after bend fogged out.

Cliff in the fog.

Cliff coming through fog.

Headed into the bay with a row-boat. Had the tremendous fortune of several epides of being approached and flown-by. Whales headed directly toward the row-boat, surfaced nearby, then slipped directly underneath the boat. Rewarded with a full view of the whales, snout to tail. Incredible!

Waiting for whales.

Enormous salute.

Passing through sunset.

Sunset from within the bay.

At close of the day, one or more orcas slipped into the bay (we spotted one fin) causing the bowheads charging into the shallows. We guess behaviour is because orcas hunt in deeper water, so the bowheads flee to safety. Also sheds light on why they come to this bay: it’s quite shallow (10 metres at depth).

Whales milled about in the shallows for some thirty minutes before slipping away again.