side trip

Conditions: coldhot (15° C)

side trip

Woke early to get ready for a boat trip to a nearby site. It used to be a camp used by those hunting for orcas. Subjects acquired by these hunters would be sold primarily to Chinese buyers for aquariums and even less desirable destinations.

Day is warm, but looks like high winds off-shore. Bundled up for very cold trip.

Never too many layers.

Bundle up!

Endless morning fog.

Arrived and warmed up in an on-shore cabin. No real clear answer as to how this village survives or what it’s doing. Though we know what it used to be.

From our lunch cabin.

This surprised me least.

Beds for… guests?

Walked around the village itself. Several people live there, and there are areas where we’re inexplicably told not to go.

Village centre.

Look-out tower.

Sea view.

House by sea.

Walked down the coastline to another lookout tower. It’s not clear what the tower is used for, though we know what it used to be.

Endless shoreline.

Heavy machinery.

House frame.

At low tide, many little creatures made the mud flats their home.

Many washed up.



Despite the cold on the way in, temperature swung into the sweltering twenties. Hang around the lookout point, head back, then back to camp.



Lookout… for what?