multi-language content
translated HTML5

sintl(1) is a simple UNIX utility for managing HTML5 translations. It works similarly to itstool, except that it's built for HTML5, is in ISO C and ISC licensed, and depends only on libexpat.

sintl(1) uses a simplified XLIFF file to manage its translation dictionaries. It can create XLIFF templates from HTML5 or keep templates up to date with existing dictionaries. The HTML5 must use a simple subset of ITS to indicate what should be and should not be translated. sintl(1) then merges HTML5 files with HTML5 documents to create translated output.

In short, input markup within elements labelled as <span its:translate="yes">this</span> would be marked for translation. The translation dictionary is just an XML file with key-value pairs. For example, holds a partially French-translated page. Easy-peasy.

To use, download sintl.tar.gz (sha512, archives) and run make install as usual. The latest versions are as follows: