journey to the sea

Conditions: rainy (14° C)

journey to the sea

Woke to heavy rain and wind, packing of van, and depart at 5h00.

Here we go…

Nobody had actually slept the night before.

First third of journey on paved roads. Then gravel roads. Then dirt roads. All framed in unbroken lines of pine or birch trees. Vehicle encounters dwindle as roads deteriorate: mainly heavy trailers hauling timber.

First half of the journey looked like this.

Luxurious roadside rest areas!

First significant milestone: ferry across a river prior to the Polymetal gold mine. Not allowed to stop and take pictures, but the mine is an incredible place for photography. Mountain denuded.

Our equipage, still intact.

Companion by the river.

Charon over the river.

All papers checked prior to and leaving gold mine. Vehicles searched lightly. “Don’t look suspicious.” (We looked suspicious.)

Last stop for quick supper after gold mine.

Forest by our supper area.

Bridge by our supper area.

Area after mine also perfect for photography. But no time to stop and dawdle.

Late-night arrival at tent site on shore of the sea. Scheduled to leave with morning tired. Cold.