arrival at camp

Conditions: sunny (15° C)

arrival at camp

Early morning. Everyone sleeps poorly from jetlag.

View from the tent.


Boats (fishing and ours) are moored in the mud.

Boats waiting for tide.

Low tide.

Endless mud flats.

Camp breakfast. Dark bread, Russian cheese, hard salami, cucumbers. Briefed on schedule. Wait for tide to come in. Explore.

Eternal drydock.


Fishermen waiting.

Making friends.

Boat trip to site is more or less uneventful. Bowhead sighting mid-way.

Meet on-site companions and hear about site grievances. Far more can be written here. Not doing so to keep this about “the nature” and not man’s cupidity.

Welcome to the bay.

Hike in woods to find bear auto-cameras. It had spotted a brown bear, but we didn’t. Mosquitos everywhere: very thankful for the mosquito nets.

Drinking water from river.

View from the spring.

Conclude supper with an impromptu lecture on Gray (name, apparently, not colour!) whales. Followed by evening paddle-boarding.


Evening meditation.