the bowheads arrive

Conditions: sunny (20° C)

the bowheads arrive

Wake to sound of whales respirating. Load exhale sometimes followed by wet rattling. Some is pitched low and sounds guttural.

Fog lifting off the bay.

Fog lifting off spring.

Begone, fog!

Fog lifts. 10+ whales in the bay. Drone and zoom photography.

Bowhead raising its fin.

Bowheads rolling around.

Motorboat drives through whales, splitting them in two. Half leave the bay.

Suit up and enter water. Fog rolls back in. Long swim out. I worry about frostbite. (4 degrees Celsius in the water, 1.5+ hours.) 8 kg of weight is fine for diving down, but would prefer more.

Don’t see any whales close-up: they do not approach.

Coming back, the fog rolls in. Listen to the sound of whales respirating in the fog for a while. Eerie. Cold.

After lunch go out again (SUP this time). Out for quite a while and have some very close contact. Nothing visible under the water. Our method is to approach slowly on SUP and slip into the water for underwater shooting.

Reliably, when we get into the water, the whales swim off.

Non-marine activities.

Evening light.