bowhead caesura

Conditions: sunny (20° C)

bowhead caesura

No morning whales.

Take rowboat out along the left-hand coastline for a few hours. Toward where the current picks up by the point. See the usual assortment of puffins, seals, and so on. No whales.

Opposite coastline at terminus.

One of many waterfalls.

Morning conveyance.

By lunchtime, a few whales return.

After lunch go free diving in the bay. Decent dive times, but too cold (and too shallow) for comfortable long dives. Need to warm up faster instead of pfaffing about looking at fish.

Kitted out.

An uglyfish.

Another uglyfish.

No whales approach closely in this time, though some cruise within a few metres. Visibility too poor to photography.

Whales come close to shore around sundown.

Whale against sunset.

Beautiful sunsets!

Spend the evening taking photos of the sunset, which is particularly beautiful over the bay.

Travel companion in her tent.

Children playing.

Wetsuit drying.

All of us turn in for an early night.